Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sankranthi specials

Happy Sankrathi to all

Bhogi pallu celebrations was a good hit. I am very much surprised by own skills. I arranged all the things necessary for the ritual.Next day is Sankranthi festival which is the big festivel of the other two bhogi and kanuma. On this day a varieties of dished are prepared and people greet each other in the evening by giving til / nuvvuu.

I prepared so many dishes all alone on this occasion which i give credit myself. enough of my self dabba. But it is the first time we are celebrating this festival without parents/ inlaws.But i made it a point all should be done properly.
Sankrathi is also famous for rangolis. But this time i did not made any rangoli, asked to my servant to do the job.

I prepared the following items on this occasion

Aloo bajji

Chintapandu / Tamarind Pulihora

Payasam / Pongal

Aloo Curry

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