Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bhogi specials

Bhogi is the first day of four-day Sankranthi festival in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Tamil people celebrate Bhogi as Bhogi Pongal. Bhogi Mantalu and Bhogi Pallu are the main ritual during Bhogi festival. In the early morning, people light a sacred bonfire called Bhogi Mantalu. Children dance around bhogi mantalu, singing songs in praise of the gods and the South Indian harvest festival.
On Bhogi day, women folk spray cow dung and water in front of house and draw rangoli (muggulu). On Muggu (rangoli), gobbemmalu are kept. Gobbemma is a cow dung ball, decorated with pasupu (turmeric), kumkum, and flowers.

Bhogi pallu is special ritiual to be performed in the evening. On this day children wear new dresses and They are given bhogi pallu , mixture of fruits like berries / regu pallu , sugarcane / cheruku gaddalu, rice with some coins are showered on the heads of children to protect them from evil forces. Aarti is given to the children and later tambulaluu to the muthaidulu / married women.

Bhogi pallu


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