Monday, June 13, 2011

Small idlis

We get separate plate to make small and cute idlis..Kids find it very interesting and can eat on their own.

Aashrita just loves them...

1. when i apply ghee on both sides and toss it lightly in spicy idli powder..
If your kid do not eat that spicy then u can go for the others

2. Toss in sugar and some of them eat it with jam also..But aashrita just loves
when a little bit of spice is added to anything..So only a little bit..

3. Little variation to them u can add grated vegetables if ur kids love them.
Grated carrot,cabbage,capsicum will give good taste.

At home i used to be after her and keep on telling her to eat.But I really got a pleasant surprise today!!When aashu returned back from school she said amma i finished all the idlis u have put in the box....Wow that was an amazing feeling..So small idlis definitely goes into her lunchbox recipes..

The procedure is same for making idlis just make sure u get this separate small plate to make ur breakfast more interesting..I bet Your kids just love them.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fruit Custard / Fruit Salad

krish is coming back from Johannesberg after 2months...very much excited and wanted to do something very special for him..He told that he will be coming in the evening so i was little worried whether he will be eating dinner at home.So making something special that day will be wasted if he wont eat.But luckily he was back on time.I made his favourite dishes that day and delicious Fruit Custard / Fruit Salad. I have made this recipe long time back and was little conscious whether it will come out good or not. I just want the custard to the best and very tasty..So krish this custard is only n only for you dear.

1. 500ml Milk (it comes to 4-5 servings)
2. 2 tbsp of Vanilla Custard powder
3. 3 1/2 spoons of sugar
4. 2 tbsp of milk maid
5. 2 cups of fruits(banana,apple,Cherry's,grapes)

How to make :

1. Take 2 tbsp of vanilla custard in a bowl and add 1/2 cup of cool milk and mix it well
without any lumps
2. Boil the milk and then later add the above paste to the milk stirring
3. Simmer the flame and add sugar and stir frequently for 3mins.
4. Let it cool and add Milk maid(Milk maid is optional but if added gives good
flavour to the custard)
5. Add fruits to the above mixture and chill it in the refrigerator
( you can add banana while ur eating because it tends to change color)

 What are you waiting for??...enjoy the delicious and yummy custard with your

Monday, February 28, 2011


Ponganalu is very tast snack.I have learnt this from my Mom-Inlaw.It can be made either with dosa batter or idly batter. I usually make ponganalu with idly batter.Idly is like a boon to us.With Idly batter one can make many tiffins.
1. Idly
2. Idly Upma
3. Ponganalu
4. Uttapam

This is how Ponganalu pan/Skillet looks like

Once the batter is ready i use it for 4 days in my house.Preparing different items,everyone is happy!!!.Its easily comes to 2-4days.It depends on the quantity though.

There is no precise amounts of ingredients.It all depends on the quantity of batter you take.

Procedure for the batter:

Take the idly batter add salt,pinch turmeric,cumin seeds,finely chopped onions,finely sliced green chillies,finely chopped coriander,grated carrot peas,grates fresh coconut,.You can add any kind of vegetables.Even grated coconut gives good taste.
Mix all the ingredients and keep aside.

Ponganalu Batter

1. Heat oil in the ponganalu pan,

2. Pour the batter in the ponganalu pan/skillet

3. Cover it with a lid for 2-3mins.
4. Turn one and see, if it is golden brown then turn all of them to the other side.
and let it be on medium flame for about 3-4mins.

5. Hot and spicy ponganalu are ready to eat.

* You can have it with coconut chutney or any other chutneys according to your taste.
* You can also add tadka or popu to the batter.
* You can add grated vegetables like cabbage, capsicum,carrot.It depends on what u like to add

Dahi Vada

Dahi vada was on my to-do list for a very long time.Just got the thought of making and here they are yum yum dahi vadas ready.Very very easy to make.If i can do it i bet anybody can do it :). I have gone through websites which helped me in making the shape and importantly a hole in the vada. Thanks a lot to the video that helped me. So get going and treat your loved ones.

Ingredients :

1. Urad dal - 1
2. Curd - 500gms
3. oil - Sufficient amount to deep fry vadas
4. Mustard powder - 1tsp
5. Grated Ginger - 1tsp
6. Mustard seeds - 1tsp
7. coriander leaves - 2 tbsp

1 Take 1 cup of minapappu/urad dal and soak for 3-4 hours
2. Make a batter.Batter must be thick
3. Add little salt to the batter.
4. If you take a spoon and try to drop the batter, it should fall down but
slowly.That should be the consistency
5. Take a pan and take sufficient oil to deep fry the vadas.
6. Take a plastic cover, apply some water,and wet your hands too so that the batter
dont stick to your hands.
7. With a spoon drop small lump on the cover.Now with wet hands.pat it slightly and
make hole in the middle.
8. Lift the vada from the cover.
9. Slighlty drop it in your hands and slide into the oil.
10. Since you apply water to the cover it easily comes to your hand.
since your hands are wet, it easily skids into the oil.
11. Huh!!your job of dropping the vada is done.
12. Now in the medium flame fry the vadas on 2 sides till it is golden color
take the vadas immerse in water for 2mins
13. Take it out and sqeeze water from the vada and keep it aside

For dahi :
14. Take 500gm of curd dilute it to an extent, add coriander,ginger grated,salt,1
spoon mustard powder and salt.
15. Keep the vadas in a bowl and pour curd.
add popu/tadka whenever you eat.

Mindblowing Chilled Dahi Vadas are ready to gulp