Friday, June 12, 2009

Aloo n Peas Pulao / Veg Pulao

A small celebration has been made at Home for the New Year Eve .Just me, K and Aashu. She just woke up few mins before the New Year and we cut the cake and rest of the time spent watching T.V. Though we were alone we had our own part of fun.On 1st of Jan I thought of doing something special at home rather than going out for lunch. Well so the Menu goes …….
- Aloo n Peas Pulao with Tomato raitha.
- Chole with puri.

Krish liked Pulao so much that he ended up licking his fingers…lol

What we need

- 2 cups of rice
- 2 big potatos cut into cubes
- 1/12 cups of peas
- Garam masala includes the spices ..6 cloves, 1 sp shah jeera, 1 bay leaf , 1
- cinnamon broken into pieces
- 1 sp of ginger garlic paste
- 2 tbsp of oil/ghee
- 4 green chilies
- Salt to taste
- 3 cups of water

Aloo and Peas Pulao

How to prepare

1. Wash the rice and add 3 cups of water to it.
2. Heat oil in a pan on low flame
3. Add all the spices (cloves,jeera,bay leaf,cinnamon) ad stir for 1min
4. Next add ginger garlic paste and stir for 30seconds.
5. cut the green chilies vertically and add to the mixture and stir it
6. Add potatoes, peas and stir fry for few minutes.
7. Add Rice with 3 cups of water to the mixture along with salt
8. Mix the ingridients properly and pressure cook it, till you get 2 whistles
9. Remove the lid and mix the mixture
10.serve hot with raitha

Vegetable Fried Rice

Fried rice is one of the dishes I always wanted to make. But I never took the initiative to learn the recipe. For the past few days I was very busy, tired and exhausted with Aashrita, did not get time to eat or cook properly. After a long time, thought of making fried rice. It took us only 30-35mins and it tasted amazingly beautiful with different colored vegetables and ummm……sooooooo delicious.You want to taste some? Its very easy to prepare. What you need is good mood and passion to eat.

Ingridients :

- ½ cup carrots chopped finely
- ½ cup beans chopped finely
- ½ cup peas
- 1 cup spring onions chopped
- 1 sp soya sauce
- 1 sp pepper
- 1 sp chilly sauce
- 1sp tomato sauce
- 4 cups of rice
- Salt to taste
- 2tbs oil
- ½ sp ajinomoto
- 1sp gingergarlic paste


Cook the rice.(1 cup of rice 2 cups of water) Spread the rice on a plate, allow it to cool. Add little oil to it and mix it well so that each grain separate from each other. Another method is, keep the cooked rice in refrigerator for 1 hr.

Vegetable Fried Rice

1. Heat oil in a pan
2. Add ginger garlic paste fry till light brown
3. Add all the vegetables, put the harder vegetables first followd by the lighter
ones ( first carrots,peas,beans,spring onions)
4. Add salt, ajinomoto, pepper, 1sp chilly,tomatosauce,soya sauce to the mixture
and stir fry on low flame for 5mins
5. Add rice to the mixure amd mix it properly
6. Vegetable fried rice is ready
7. serve hot