Monday, June 13, 2011

Small idlis

We get separate plate to make small and cute idlis..Kids find it very interesting and can eat on their own.

Aashrita just loves them...

1. when i apply ghee on both sides and toss it lightly in spicy idli powder..
If your kid do not eat that spicy then u can go for the others

2. Toss in sugar and some of them eat it with jam also..But aashrita just loves
when a little bit of spice is added to anything..So only a little bit..

3. Little variation to them u can add grated vegetables if ur kids love them.
Grated carrot,cabbage,capsicum will give good taste.

At home i used to be after her and keep on telling her to eat.But I really got a pleasant surprise today!!When aashu returned back from school she said amma i finished all the idlis u have put in the box....Wow that was an amazing feeling..So small idlis definitely goes into her lunchbox recipes..

The procedure is same for making idlis just make sure u get this separate small plate to make ur breakfast more interesting..I bet Your kids just love them.