Monday, February 28, 2011


Ponganalu is very tast snack.I have learnt this from my Mom-Inlaw.It can be made either with dosa batter or idly batter. I usually make ponganalu with idly batter.Idly is like a boon to us.With Idly batter one can make many tiffins.
1. Idly
2. Idly Upma
3. Ponganalu
4. Uttapam

This is how Ponganalu pan/Skillet looks like

Once the batter is ready i use it for 4 days in my house.Preparing different items,everyone is happy!!!.Its easily comes to 2-4days.It depends on the quantity though.

There is no precise amounts of ingredients.It all depends on the quantity of batter you take.

Procedure for the batter:

Take the idly batter add salt,pinch turmeric,cumin seeds,finely chopped onions,finely sliced green chillies,finely chopped coriander,grated carrot peas,grates fresh coconut,.You can add any kind of vegetables.Even grated coconut gives good taste.
Mix all the ingredients and keep aside.

Ponganalu Batter

1. Heat oil in the ponganalu pan,

2. Pour the batter in the ponganalu pan/skillet

3. Cover it with a lid for 2-3mins.
4. Turn one and see, if it is golden brown then turn all of them to the other side.
and let it be on medium flame for about 3-4mins.

5. Hot and spicy ponganalu are ready to eat.

* You can have it with coconut chutney or any other chutneys according to your taste.
* You can also add tadka or popu to the batter.
* You can add grated vegetables like cabbage, capsicum,carrot.It depends on what u like to add


మంచు said...

ఇవి ఇడ్లీపిండి తొ చెస్తారని తెలీదు

Thank you :-)

Pavani Krishna said...

yeah dosa pindi tho kuda cheyochu i used idli pindi :)you are welcome "manchu" i dont know ur name so...